It has been the worst year for my children and myself. [Teachers] are getting paid to teach, not me! I feel like the warden. We have the worst internet around. Constantly dropping, not that they have much interaction with their teachers. My kids have been out since March 2020. Almost a year! It is ridiculous, while other towns have school everyday. My neighbors go to a school 30 minutes away, but they have in-person contact every day. My kids are behind on school and have no social interaction with their peers. It is an absolute shame, they are going to move the kids to the next grade without learning in the grade they are in. The school districts and teachers have benefited from this type of education. My daughter interacts with her teacher for 30 minutes 2 times a day and then maybe 3 days a week for an hour. They can not learn in that amount of time. My 2nd grader has interaction for 40 minutes per day. He has special needs, having ADHD. I see that the the special Ed kids have class every day. My kids are the ones who are going to suffer from this. Besides me, by not being a school teacher. It has been unacceptable to do this from home. It kills me inside to see these kids suffer through something that isn’t their fault. Sorry I am ranting on. It is very upsetting to watch my kids fail. It is nothing but heartache. If I was 30 years younger it would be different and not so difficult. I adopted 3 children, 3, 8, and 10 years old. At 65 it is stressful for all concerned. I know I am not the only parent or grandparent dealing with this problem. I wish it was back to normal. No one know if and when that is going to happen.

This submission has been lightly edited for clarity.