My senior in high school has missed out on so many events (sports, dances, school spirit rallies, social interaction) this year. It breaks my heart to see him sitting in his room all day on Zoom classes and in Zoom football meetings. I worry about his mental well-being and I wonder how much learning is actually occurring. As a charter school teacher, I am also working from home. The balance of work and home responsibilities has become almost impossible. The lines are blurred and I feel like my children are the ones who suffer. Then, to see politicians taking school choice away is appalling. I see first-hand how my students thrive in our school setting. The families I work with each have their own story and reasons for choosing a Personalized Learning Independent Study Charter School. They are all valid and need to be heard. Let’s keep the choices available in all areas: school choice, the choice for teachers to return to class, student choice regarding returning to school in person, and even vaccine choice. Our country was founded on freedom principles but I’m feeling we are losing those in so many ways right now.