Parents should be able to access the materials and curriculum used to teach their children.

It’s a simple enough concept and a basic right for parents to know what their children are doing and learning. But, unfortunately, in too many districts and for too many parents across America, this basic transparency does not exist. 

While some states explicitly grant parents the right to review classroom content as a matter of law; in practice, bureaucratic barriers prevent parents from easily accessing materials. 

Parents sometimes have to travel to distant storage facilities, during specified work hours, or deal with rules that thwart review unless a child is already enrolled in a particular school, which isn’t much help when families are making enrollment decisions. 

At a time when the country is deeply divided and schools force left-wing ideology on kids, parents have the right to know if the education their children are receiving is in line with their values. 

Parents shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to find out what lessons, textbooks, and materials their child will use at school. Everything students learn should be easily and transparently accessible online.

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