Adriana McLamb is the marketing director at Independent Women’s Forum where she oversees all of IWF’s social media and digital campaign strategies and execution.

Prior to joining IWF, Adriana spent almost five years working for the Stand Together Community, where she led and contributed to digital marketing strategies for their grassroots brands both at the national and state level. She also worked to develop and implement strategies to empower grassroots activists to make a difference in their communities, states, and nation through digital means across various platforms. She is well versed in how best to cultivate, engage, and retain digital audiences to meet policy goals.

Prior to working in digital, Adriana began her career in the field working for Generation Opportunity and Republican Party of Virginia where she fell in love with digital organizing techniques to increase effectiveness in the field. Adriana earned her undergraduate degree from Florida International University in Political Science where she also played Division 1 volleyball. Recently, she received her Master’s degree in Marketing from FIU as well.

Currently, Adriana is a volleyball coach for girls who are working hard to play at the next level. Because of this she is extremely passionate about the Equality Act. “To put a biological male on the women’s court gives them an unfair advantage in jumping, speed, and strength. While I respect those who wish to be transgender, it is now coming at the expense of hurting our female athletes by eliminating opportunities for females, like myself, to compete at a high level, and I worry about the athletes I coach and how it will affect their prospects.”