Ellie Krasne is a visiting fellow at Independent Women’s Forum. She is a policy consultant who works with executives to develop high-level policy research and condense it into language and strategies that reach their key audiences. She is also a Senior Fellow at Parents Defending Education Action.

Her areas of expertise are: education and parental rights, woke capitalism and ESGs, critical race theory, Judaism and antisemitism, religion, and business regulations.

Ellie has been published in The Washington ExaminerThe Daily Signal, and the Jewish News Syndicate. Her work has received numerous mentions by scholars including Bernard Harcourt of Columbia University in Revolution 13, Aziz Huq from The University of Chicago in Time magazine, and has been cited by the Family Research Council and the National Center for Policy Research.

She has over a decade of experience leading teams in tech and public policy, and she has a graduate degree in religious studies from The University of Chicago.

She grew up on a farm in Iowa and now lives in Paris, France with her husband.