Lindsey Stroud is a Visiting Fellow at Independent Women’s Forum. She is Director of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance’s (TPA) Consumer Center, which provides data and analysis to inform and assist policymakers when addressing consumer products. Stroud’s main focus is on providing up-to-date information on adult access to goods including alcohol, tobacco and vapor products, as well as regulatory policies that affect adult access to other consumer products. In her role, Stroud manages the team at the Consumer Center and has testified before state and international lawmakers, led coalition efforts, authored state analyses and hosts a monthly webinar featuring international guests. Before joining TPA, Stroud was a state government relations manager at The Heartland Institute. Prior to Heartland, Stroud worked as a staffer for state lawmakers in Minnesota and Virginia. In addition to her role at TPA, Stroud is the creator and manager of Tobacco Harm Reduction 101 ( and a board director for the American Vapor Manufacturers Association. Stroud received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Government from the College of William and Mary.