Lori Armistead has worked for a decade as a legislative and public policy advocate advancing free market policies, with a career that includes grassroots campaigning, advocacy communications strategy, and lobbying in statehouses in across the nation.  She currently advises several companies, non-profits, and philanthropic foundations, focusing on a variety of domestic public policy issues.

A passionate believer in empowering parents with the freedom to make the right decisions for their children’s future, Armistead previously served as director of state projects at the national non-profits Alliance for School Choice and Advocates for School Choice.  Prior, she was the director of public affairs and the director of the education task force at the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization representing more than 2,400 state legislators.  Armistead began her career serving as the legislative aide to Ohio’s then-Assistant Majority Leader Steve Buehrer.

Armistead received a bachelor’s degree in English from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. Originally from Wauseon, Ohio, she now resides in Duluth, Georgia.