Dr. Marion Mass graduated from Duke University Medical School,  trained at Northwestern’s Robert Lurie Hospital in pediatrics and has worked as a pediatrician in suburban Philadelphia for 24 years serving in the hospital, newborn unit, emergency room, primary care, and urgent care settings. 

She is the cofounder of the non-partisan Practicing Physicians Of America and leadership in the  Free2care coalition. She is the first author of the Free2Care position paper on reducing cost and waste in American Healthcare. Free2Care is 34 member groups, consisting of 8 million Americans, 70,000 are physicians.

She has organized and led two bipartisan symposiums at the Library of Congress regarding lowering healthcare cost and improving access and  advises multiple lawmakers on how to do the same. 

She has written numerous opinion pieces on cost and access in multiple outlets including The WSJ, Real Clear Health, Philly Inquirer, The Hill, the New York Post, Philly Burbs and more.

In her community, she serves on the board of the Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership, and served for 7 years on the Editorial Board of the Bucks County Courier Times. When her children were in school, she served on Wellness councils in the Central Bucks School system. 

She is a self taught organic vegetable and fruit gardener, and cook. 

She has been married to surgeon Stephen Mass since 1995. They have 3 adult children.