Mary Margaret Olohan is a senior reporter at The Daily Signal where she covers the pre-eminent cultural and political stories of the moment, including the protection of children’s innocence, the struggles of biological women to maintain the integrity of their sports and spaces, #METOO allegations against powerful politicians, and the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on children, service members, businesses, and the livelihoods of every-day Americans. 

Through her reporting, Mary Margaret has exposed the American Civil Liberties Union teaching educators how to help young girls get abortions without their parents’ knowledge, the Department of Justice’s reticence to protect pro-life reproductive health centers attacked by criminals across the nation, stories of detransitioners often ignored by mainstream media, and more. 

She has previously written for both The Daily Wire and The Daily Caller News Foundation, where she got her start in 2019 covering social issues and politics. She is a graduate of The Catholic University of America and proud to be the oldest daughter in an Irish Catholic family of eleven children.