Before joining IWF, Michele was director of operations for a design firm in Los Angeles. Prior to that, and straight out of the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, she started her own business — a coffee shop. Located in the quaint beach town of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, Michele designed the shop from the ground up and oversaw the day-to-day construction process. She told the workers, “If this isn’t ready to be open by May 1st, I’ll be deducting my rent from your final check.” It was completed on time. Michele sold her business to a loyal customer after a short bidding war. Shortly thereafter, or shall we say literally the next day, Michele was on a plane to Los Angeles to begin a new chapter in her book.

She now resides in New Jersey—the state in which she grew up. If you’re familiar with New Jersey, she’s Exit 82 and a lover of pork roll, egg, and cheese. 

She is the inventor and owner of a US Patent. 

P.S. Michele specifically requested that anyone who resembles David Beckham reach out to her on Twitter.