Most Americans know it doesn’t take overt discrimination to make society unfair. Privilege afforded to different groups can infect our cultural institutions, creating unfair burdens for others. An overlooked form, Progressive Privilege, is helping drive our country into two camps, where there is no expectation of fair treatment and respectful debating of the facts between the sides. Today, the progressive worldview is depicted as what is normal, right, and worth celebrating. Conservatives are marginalized and stereotyped throughout our culture—in entertainment, news, politics, and academia. Recognizing Progressive Privilege is the first step to ending it so we can truly have a fairer, more inclusive society.

  • Aggrandizement: Accomplishments of people on the left are inflated and lauded.
  • Censorship: People on the right are not able to freely express their beliefs without fear of retaliation or being canceled.
  • Damage Control: Embarrassing facts about people on the left are softened, excused, or covered up.
  • Glamorizing: People on the left are depicted as glamorous and aspirational.
  • Marginalizing: Accomplishments of people on the right are minimized, mocked, or ignored.
  • Objectification: People on the right are degraded and dehumanized.
  • Omission: People on the right are simply left out of the story.