Moms are tired of being told they need to meet impossible standards to be a Good Mom. Women are told they have to cook every meal–from scratch and from expensive organic ingredients. They are told to hover and monitor their child’s every activity. Women are encouraged to examine and scrutinize every single thing their child touches, eats, or brushes against. This make parenting harder, exhausting, joyless.

It’s time to reject this mentality and create a new category: The Reasonable Mom.

Reasonable Moms do their best. They want to raise their kids without so much fear and anxiety. They want to guiltlessly take shortcuts and allow their kids a treat, but recognize moderation is key. They want society to be less judgmental, and more understanding and supportive of parents. They want to hear from experts, but also want to trust in their own instincts and embrace common sense in parenting.

WHAT: Reasonable Moms Unite: How To Fight The Culture That Demands We Worry About EVERYTHING!
WHEN: Wednesday, October 19th
WHERE: Florida House on Capitol Hill | Number One Second St. NW, Washington, D.C. 
*Located near Union Station and Capitol South metro stations