We all deserve to live in safe and secure communities, where we have the right and freedom to speak freely, protest peacefully, and express ourselves and our beliefs openly. But these rights come with responsibilities.

Right now, many communities are on fire. The calls for justice and accountability are legitimate, but lawlessness, violence, and disorder in our streets are unacceptable. It’s time we called for civility and order, in addition to justice and peace.

Everyone wants law enforcement officers to be held accountable for wrongdoing, but we must not let this need overwhelm our common sense, jeopardize our safety, and undermine our system of justice that is based on fairness and due process.

A safe, just, and civil society requires law enforcement officers to protect all of us, especially those in the most vulnerable communities, such as people living in areas facing gang violence, victims of human trafficking, women confronting domestic violence.

Prominent and prevailing voices are calling to defund and even abolish the police. Lost in our current national conversation about the future of policing is that 8 in 10 African American voters (81%) want police funding maintained or increased. Why are their voices ignored?

Join millions of Americans who support safety and security, and who want to restore order, civility, and peace to our communities. Sign the petition.