Sadly, the recent rise in violent crime in America has wreaked havoc on many of our poorest and most vulnerable neighborhoods.

We all deserve to live in safe and secure communities. Curbing the violence will require a revival of proactive policing and a rejection of policies that have undermined it.

We must invest, not defund, our police departments — supporting more and better training.

The relentless campaign to demonize and hamstring American law enforcement has been a catastrophe. Everyone wants law enforcement officers to be held accountable for wrongdoing, but we must not let this need overwhelm our common sense, jeopardize our safety, and undermine our system of justice that is based on fairness and due process. 

A safe, just, and civil society requires law enforcement officers to protect all of us, especially our most vulnerable groups, such as children in schools, people living in areas facing gang violence, victims of human trafficking, and women confronting domestic violence.

It’s time to reject the anti-cop narrative and affirm support for the kind of policing that saves lives.

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