Women want and NEED female-only spaces—the kind you find in sororities on college and university campuses. Single-sex spaces are indispensable to young women who hope to find community, gain leadership experiences, and build lifelong friendships. 

But, as the lines between the sexes are blurred, access to authentic sisterhood is at stake.

Recently, Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Wyoming made headlines upon admitting a biological male member who identified as female, violating its female-only bylaws. Several sisters banded together to file a lawsuit against the sorority to defend their right to a single-sex space.

In fact, all 26 Panhellenic organizations have quietly tried to change the meaning of ‘woman’ and ‘women,’ leaving all sororities open to the same vulnerability as Kappa.

Women who want to protect sororities as female-only private clubs that offer safe and supportive environments for women to live and learn together, shouldn’t bear the burden of inclusion and be forced to admit men. 

Are you a sorority woman? Have you been impacted? Do you want sororities to remain vibrantly female-only? We want to hear from you. Share your story.