Thank you for standing up for America’s children by speaking out against the government’s secretive takeover of day care and preschool.

The last thing we need is the government intervening more in our children’s lives and our liberties. The government-run school systems have failed students by prioritizing “woke” concepts, like Critical Race Theory, over basic subjects, like reading, writing, and math. 

There’s a lot at stake here.  If the radical special interest groups and far-left politicians get their way, America’s children, our next generation, will pay the price. 

We especially need your financial support today to help us spread the word about the secretive move to include government-run day care and preschool in the $1.75 trillion spending bill.

Invest today in our efforts to stop the government takeover of day care and preschool…. And help us protect children from government indoctrination.