Those who want government bureaucrats and school unions—not parents—in charge of what children are taught have been quietly busy.

They are slipping in a quiet government take over of day care and preschool into their monstrous $1.75T spending bill. Ultimately this will allow them to push harmful, racist Critical Race Theory ideas and indoctrinate our youngest children, just as we have seen happen in K-12 schools across the country.

This is simply wrong. This is NOT the vehicle or the way to radically transform an entire system that’s responsible for helping children develop, grow, and learn.

Under the monstrous $1.75T spending bill, the government would become the primary funder of day care and preschool, and would decide:

  • WHAT children are taught 
  • WHERE they will spend their time, and
  • WHO can care for and teach them

That should be a PARENT’S decision, not Uncle Sam’s.

We’ve already seen what government-controlled education looks like. Our government-run public schools are failing to teach children core skills. Worse, they use schools to push political agendas—and divisive curricula like Critical Race Theory—that are at odds with what many parents want, believe, and value. 

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