Instead of working to close the achievement gaps created by the extended school shutdowns, many public school districts are introducing radical concepts to impressionable young students.

Some schools are pushing divisive and damaging curricula on race, teaching kids as young as elementary school about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “white privilege,” and even dividing them into “affinity groups” based on race.  

Student learning suffers when schools take time away from teaching critical subjects like reading, writing, mathematics, and civics—and replace them with a radical ideology that encourages kids to see each other through the prisms of race, oppression, and victimhood.

We can’t allow students to fall behind or become a captive audience for controversial, divisive ideologies. School choice ensures that parents have the leverage they need to speak up for their children, stop the politicization of schools, or move their kids to a school that best suits their needs.

We must stop the indoctrination of students before it’s too late. Sign the petition.


Stand up for Students

Stop the indoctrination of students. Speak out against Critical Race Theory. Stand up for school choice and parental leverage. Sign the petition.

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