We have 4 children, but the first three are adults and the last child is 10 years old. The first three children went from a private school education to homeschool due to funding for their private school education being lost, but we weren’t prepared to have 3 children aged 9 to 15 to deal with. When trouble arose, there was no one to help us with homeschooling, and the first three children ended up in public school.

Truth be told, not one of them graduated from their high school. The youngest of the three never finished high school at all. Public schools are a scourge that need to be done away with. Our last child has been homeschooled from the start, and there hasn’t been as many problems with getting him through as the first three, who, unfortunately, were let down by unprepared parent-teachers. We need help with paid tutors and extra-curricular activities that can bring out the competitive spirit in him. With two 55-plus-year-old teachers, it’s not easy to get in some good strenuous activities.

Meanwhile, we pay for failed schools and teacher’s salaries much higher than the average income for our area. The current funding of education is a disaster. The money needs to stay with the parent(s) or follow the student to whatever educational option the parents choose. Private schools are a good alternative, but homeschool may be all some people can afford. The type of education that any student can receive is really dependent on money being spent where families need it, not on failed schools, public or otherwise. If there is one message I could get people to listen to, it’s that public schools are no longer schools. They have become communist indoctrination centers where things you may not want your children to be exposed to are routinely taught as fact. Meanwhile, real learning doesn’t matter in public education. Demand education choice and your school taxes back.