I wasn’t in a sorority in college, but after working for one for a number of years I decided to join as an alumni member in 2019. The sorority I was a part of, Alpha Xi Delta, has a program that allows members to join as alumni if they are “sponsored” by someone who is already a member. You can either join at a chapter or at their national convention, which I did in 2019.

The respect of my colleagues was part of why I joined, but I also thought I would feel a sense of sisterhood that I never felt with my own sister. I unfortunately have very different views from many of the other members so I never really felt like I could express my true feelings about policy.

I will say, when I started working for the sorority in 2008, it was a much different organization than it was when I left in 2020. It was focused on sisterhood, and lifting each other up. They focused their efforts on teaching young women the importance of philanthropy and giving back to their communities. Now, like many other sororities, they are more concerned about political wokeness.

As we know, many women don’t feel safe any longer and for good reason. Young women need spaces like this to bond and grow, especially during their college years. Those years can and do help shape their lives, and I have seen first-hand that the bonds that they make as collegiate women can last lifetimes.

I am saddened and ashamed of what these organizations have become and the message that it is sending to young women. Sororities have been a great place for women to grow and mature while being surrounded by ‘sisters’ who support and value them. Thank you to the women of Kappa at UW for having the bravery to speak out for yourselves and future sisters!