I am a former college athlete who played D1 volleyball and also raised a D2 volleyball player. I am a recently retired coach of 25 years as well (both men’s and women’s). I have played with men on a men’s net and girls cannot compete with guys.

Men are biologically different. Their center of gravity, muscle mass and jumping ability completely changes their game. I couldn’t imagine having to play defense against a male on a female regulation net height. It’s a joke, and I am 6’3”. Imagine my 7’ son playing, he would seriously damage someone.

I hurt a girl before because I was so much taller and not many could stop me, just imagine adding 9 more inches plus a huge vertical and all that power behind a swing. It’s too dangerous and I am thankful my daughter is done, but I’m fearful for my 12-year-old niece and future Murchison generations who may play!