I have coached for many years, both female and male athletes. There is an enormous difference in the biological make-up of the gender you are born with. Not only being a coach and participating in sports over the years there is no comparison to male-versus-female speed, musculature, build, and genetics. This is setting women’s sports back and is extremely unfair.

Obviously there are differences in the top female athletes compared to other females (and the same with top male athletes) but male athletes are closer in athleticism across the board than female athletes.

For example: if you watch the different levels of NCAA college basketball in the women’s games, you will see a large disparity in athleticism in the different divisions though there are exceptions to the rule. However, in watching the same divisions in men’s college basketball, one would find many more athletic men similar among all divisions. Again there are exceptions.

In most sports, men are physically more dominant, powerful, faster, stronger, etc. One can watch sporting events and see this. There are a very few women who could compete in men’s sports due to their body chemistry = and skill level. In my opinion, those sports would be more individual, tactical, and fundamental. It is beyond unfair to let males born at birth compete in women’s athletics.