You go girl! I will be 80, a tomboy brought up in a neighborhood with 7 boys my age. I played football and basketball with these boys, but in school NOTHING was offered girls except half-court basketball in gym class. All we had was GAA, a club for girls to cheer for boys playing in the school conference. I fought the good fight to get sports for girls in the schools, and look where we are now, in ALL sports! Hurrah! Let us not throw all the efforts of the mothers and grandmothers who fought for equity in sports right down the locker room drain under the auspices of being WOKE! It’s insane! I have competed in running races for decades and achieved the level of making US Masters Cross Country Ski Team racing against other women. While I may have been able to beat some males at both, they were not the trained athletes…..they were the “also rans.” They would be Lia. How sad our nation is now regressing! I’m appalled. Absolutely disgusted! How about a Trans category if the nation wants equity? Just sayin’!

  • Barb (Bobbi) Huot, a 79 year old grandmother