Title IX was passed when I was junior in college. I went to an all women’s college and played two varsity sports there was only a female athletic budget. There were no athletic scholarships. So, I have watched women’s sports emerge slowly since the 1970’s.

I taught health and physical education on all three levels at one time or another. My career stopped and started between having three kids. The most frustrating part of my teaching career was dealing with male principals who were extremely sexist and did not support female athletics.

I didn’t get paid when I started coaching, but managed to create a lot of interest for varsity athletics in high school and middle school as well. It was always an uphill battle, and patience is definitely not one of my virtues.

My last job before I retired in 1998 was my most successful. I was the AD and the administration was all female. They understood the importance of female athletics and made funds available to the athletic program far and above what I had expected.

I just finished watching the NCAA basketball championships. I was at the championship game and was thrilled with the skill-level of the players. But even more than that, I was overwhelmed that the game completely sold out the American Airlines Arena, and the television ratings were phenomenal. And all of this started with Title IX.

I have three granddaughters who are under 10 and I worry about what opportunities will be available for them in athletics if the transgender issue is allowed to ruin girl’s athletics. I don’t understand why female politicians and female professional athletes are not raising hell about it.

Riley Gaines is the only female athlete that I know of who is trying to do anything about this. I suspect the NCAA coaches have their hands tied with the politically-correct college administrators using their power to silence them. If they speak up in support of their teams they could lose their jobs.

So it’s up to female politicians, female professional athletes, and you to stop this nonsense. I will do what I can to help. We have come too far to let the powers-that-be in Washington, D.C. ruin women’s athletics.