I was a female athlete in school so this story hits home. I also have had a career in finance and believe that numbers never lie. Transgender athletes make up a small percentage of the competitors in women’s athletics. If they didn’t have a physical advantage, then the number of transgender athletes dominating sporting events would also be a small percentage. It is mathematically impossible for a small group of athletes to dominate a sport unless they have an advantage of some sort. This is also called common sense!! Historically, it has been common knowledge that Women have smaller frames and muscle mass. For this reason, the military has a different set of physical requirements for qualifying females. If hormones even the playing field, then why are transgenders not dominating the male events? In the animal kingdom, the fastest horse ever to win the Triple Crown was the Secretariat. After the horse died an autopsy was completed to try and answer why he was so fast. It was discovered he had a super large heart. It pumped more blood rich in oxygen from the lungs so larger amounts of stored chemical energy could be used. If transgenders ONLY had larger hearts, that alone would be enough to dominate women’s sports. I feel bad the transgenders have so much to deal with in their lives. However, that does not put their needs or rights in front of everyone else. Equality means just that – equal rights and equal opportunities regardless of race, SEX or nationality.