Although my kids are grown, I had this very issue with the school district when they were in high school. I wrote the editor of the local newspaper, and my story was published. This was back in 2011-2012. There need to be changes to the way our kids are taught, or at least have alternative programs in place for their education needs. I am against critical race theory, because it teaches racism and teaches our kids to judge others not for their personality, character, values, and all of the important things that make us all unique. I would find an alternative educational program if I had young kids today. I also feel that the teachers were not as intelligent as the kids they were teaching, therefore leaving great minds wanting more out of their education. Both of my kids dropped out of high school. My daughter her senior year, got her GED, and started college the next semester. She is now working on her Masters in Education and psychology. My son dropped out his Junior year and got his GED, earning free classes at the college. He now owns his own business. Our children need school to be a place to grow intellectually, no matter what race they are. Our kids do not need to have the teachers or their unions instilling their own political and personal beliefs on them. Teachers need to concentrate more on doing a good job educating our youth, and preparing them for real-world jobs and careers. Go back to teaching the basics, math, reading, spelling, history, economics, social skills, discipline, integrity, honesty, accountability, etc.