We are a family that bases our values in tradition and “traditional” Christian practice. We have tried our best to bring up our children with these principles: solidarity, helping each other, cooperation and compassion.

Naively, I have prided myself on having a stable, harmonious family that was useful to society, practicing and promoting a dignified life in a healthy atmosphere. We have sought to spread the word by all means and in all the circles where we move, that this must be the guiding principle for living a healthy life in this world.

BUT: My 18-year-old daughter left home, announcing in a letter that she feels a different sexual orientation, that everything [we had] practiced up to now seemed false to her. She is gentle and affectionate, while at the same time naïve and hypersensitive. Undoubtedly, starting with one of her teachers, in school they took advantage of her vulnerability, and over a long period they taught and protected that kind of thinking by my innocent daughter.

Today, we as a family, and [I] as a person, are broken, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to start over, or even how we should deal with this situation, which is a direct attack on my family.