As a former athlete and female, sports being a big part of my family’s life, this executive order of allowing men on women’s teams is ludicrous. Like it or not, some things should never be combined. Sports abilities between the TWO sexes, is one of them. I am a former athlete, and the sport I was last active in would not be a sport any longer if men were allowed to compete with women. I know many girls/women who wouldn’t bother participating in sports if these were combined. There is no point if you are competitive. Men are stronger and quicker for the most part and they need to remain separate. This was a slippery slope to begin with, but you need to draw the line somewhere. I learned a lot by playing sports, and my girls have carried on that tradition. Teamwork, supporting one another, persistence, and courage. All of that will be lost by combining the sexes on the same team. As a sports watcher, I would never want to go watch a sports event and have the starters be all the players who had an advantage as a male. That is how it would be. This is ridiculous to even have to argue this in my opinion.