My beautiful bright granddaughter was “captured” by this radical ideology (rapid-onset gender dysphoria) in 8th grade. Binder, name change, refused to have anything to do with me (or her dad) because we didn’t “affirm” that she was a male. Her school “affirmed” her and used a made-up name and male pronouns.

Her mom “went along,” but I believe just to keep a relationship. She had much adoration from friends. Now, she’s 22 and I haven’t heard from her in 3 years since high school graduation, not even a “thank you” for cash gifts (sent in cards) and I get no response to texts sent to her.

She has begun to see her dad some–so that’s a good sign. She was dealing with social anxiety, probably depression too, but found her place in high school as the president of her Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club, pushing for bathroom use according to “gender identity”.

I don’t know if she is gay or straight, but I know she is female! I pray for her daily (and others like her) that she hasn’t harmed herself with testosterone or surgery. Her mom stopped contact with me to avoid any discussion about my granddaughter. I believe her indoctrination came mainly via her smartphone use, getting it too young and spending too much time on it.

I taught school for 35+ years (high hchool and junior high–7th and 8th grades–retiring in 2006.) There was not a single “trans” child in our district or any surrounding district in all those years. Not a single conversation regarding transgender ideology was needed then.

It’s difficult/impossible to comprehend how so many adults are believing they are doing something positive by “affirming” confused children. How have the activists “pulled this ‘crazy’ off” in front of the world? And why? There are signs that things are turning around, but so many children will be affected negatively for their whole lives. Bless you for your help in trying to protect children/young adults/women.