As a female competitive swimmer, I know the difference between men and women in the sport of swimming. It is outright unfair for women to compete against men. Men are larger in stature, have greater muscle mass, and all together a different genetic build that makes it unfair to compare them to women athletes.

I am in no way saying women are “lesser” than men. I am stating biological facts proven by science. If I were to compete against those who are biologically male, I would lose all hope of winning. This would also raise the competition for scholarships, qualifying meets, and selective camps to a nearly impossible achievable level.

If biological males are allowed to compete with women in sports, they will dominate and take the spots of biological women who deserve so much more. After seeing Lia Thomas dominate world class female athletes, it was scary for me and all the girls on my swim team. Thinking we may be compared to men twice our size and stature and expected to compete against them made us feel angry and hopeless.

I’m not saying that transgender individuals who identify as something different then their biological gender should not be able to compete in sports at all. However, I am saying letting biological males compete with biological women isn’t the answer.