While not personally affected by the latest trend in wokeism, as a former scholastic swimmer I can’t help but feel anger and sympathy for real women having to confront this mockery of the sport. When I first read about Lia and the backstory the first thought that came to mind was: “a year of testosterone blocking isn’t going to undo the muscle mass developed by years of training as a male.” It’s photographically clear Lia has a physical advantage over her teammates and competitors – I mean “she’s” so far outside the parameters (height, BMI, body fat %) measured by the CDC for the average female that no amount of self-identification can change that. It would be one thing if Lia’s dimensions fell within those of what’s considered female. At least that way the playing field would be a little more even and records would less likely be smashed. Just imagine, you’re standing up on the block pumping yourself up for your heat/race, and then you look to your left and see essentially a guy standing at 6’3 that outweighs you by 20-30lbs in a woman’s suit. How deflating must that be!? Where does it end? As someone once married to a former collegiate and professional female basketball forward who stood at 6’, can you imagine what it would’ve felt like if she had to guard a former men’s team player who stood at least 6”-12” taller and most likely outweighed her by 30-50lbs!? And what about the situation in the locker room? Does Lia have her own? How uncomfortable must that be for her teammates if he/she is changing into her suit and showering in the same one especially if “she” has yet to undergo gender reassignment which I think is still yet to be confirmed!? My heart truly goes out to the real women who have to deal with this nonsense.