As a happily married dad of three daughters (ages 9, 15 & 17) I am appalled by the state of female sports. Although my daughters do not have professional sports aspirations, they are all very competitive and are passionate about surfing, athletics and gymnastics.

It is very disappointing and difficult to witness their disillusionment with female competition of late. As a family, we watch a great deal of sports and as parents, we have always talked positively and encouraged watching both male and female sports. I fear that the number of aspiring female professionals will drop and viewership etc. as authenticity disappears.

We feel desperately for all those female athletes who have strived; whether a college track race or a professional event, to compete on an even playing field. We feel for females giving years of dedication to become professionals, only to lose to biological males.

It saddens me that it has become necessary to state that you feel for transgender athletes as your comments are somehow invalidated as bigoted if you are not explicit about sympathizing with those that experience gender dysphoria. To be clear, I sympathize with anyone who experiences this [gender dysphoria] but that does not change my view on this [biological males in female sports].

It is with regret that we [my family] feel we need to ‘vote with our feet’ and not subscribe to, or support any channel, website, or sponsor who politicizes, advocates, or allows for transgender athletes in female sports, at any level.