As a NCAA, USA, and High School swimming official I have read what these different organizations have done to address ( combat ) this issue. None of their solutions make any sense whatsoever! FINA, on the other hand, came up with the best solution. I will have you look up their decision. It does say that transgender athletes like Lia Thomas will not be allowed to compete at FINA sponsored swimming events! After talking with female swimmers where Lia Thomas has competed these ladies have said they will not enter a locker room when Lia is in there. Also, ALL of the women I talked to are against having to compete against Lia and transgenders as a whole. Some even said that they were told by school officials not to write letters, openly talk about it, or protest! This, in its self, is not right! Their freedom of speech is being denied! The other organizations have to get on board with FINA and the TITLE IX Committee has to get behind the women you represent ( not transgender women ) and at the least follow the FINA doctrine! Males should compete against Males and Females should compete against Females! Thank-you for letting me “air” my thoughts!

*This post has been lightly edited for clarity.