Hi, my name is Heather and I am a wife and a mother to three beautiful daughters. Some of my fondest memories are growing up and being involved in sports. It was not only something I enjoyed but was also very therapeutic.

I’m writing today to not tell my story but to pave the way for my three daughters. [I want] them [to have] the same opportunity to work hard and be successful as a top competitor in anything they want, including sports if that’s what their goal is.

I have a 10, 8, and 2 year old who are all females and over the last few years I have watched female anatomy be decided for us, dictated in sports, and rights taken from us. If not for myself being a woman but more importantly for our future generations of females, we need to stand together and protect their rights!

I support everyone’s happiness. I will never begin to fully understand the depths emotionally and physically that transgender individuals go through but I’m empathetic to what my own daughters will go through if we don’t have boundaries. There is no denying the genetic makeup of female and male anatomy. It is science. It’s not feelings, it’s not judgement… again.. it’s science. So I will fight and stand by and for anything that is going to allow my three daughters equal opportunity and fairness as they grow up.