I am a former women’s Division 1 soccer player. It is incredibly upsetting that woman are not being protected and our interests not represented. It is extremely difficult to become a collegiate athlete. I trained my entire life to compete at that level, and even still, scholarships are incredibly competitive. For many programs like mine, we weren’t fully funded, which made resources even more scare.

Allowing biological boys and men to compete for the same resources is a slap in the face of woman’s rights. It is not controversial to recognize the physiological differences between boys and girls, most of which begin to manifest in elementary school.

I was always very athletic and was able to hold my own against the boys up until middle school, but I would consider myself an outlier. By high school, it wouldn’t even be close. For many of these male athletes, the fact that they have already gone through puberty, developed as a man, and are still being allowed to compete with woman is asinine.

I’m sick and tired of the fake feminism in this country. Supporting biological men in women’s sports strips woman of their hard fought equality. It is time to take a stand, and stand for woman.