Our son went to the local public schools. In middle school, he started having problems of being bored in school and not turning in work. He was very smart and knew the material, [but was] just not motivated to follow through. The problems continued in high school. Meeting after meeting with the counselors didn’t help. One counselor finally told us, “the teachers have to teach to the bottom of the class, so I suggest you just take him out of school and let him get his GED.” We didn’t want to do that, so luckily we did find a charter school that was mostly computer-based. He was able to work at his own pace and work and do other things. When it came time for our daughter to go to high school, I didn’t want her to be influenced by all the drugs, etc. (our schools rank at the bottom). She was able to pass the entrance exam to a very good private school and received scholarships, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to afford it.