North Carolina

“From earliest memory, I have told myself stories at night to help ease my chronic insomnia. Eventually, I started writing these stories down and dreamed of becoming a full-time author. My parents inspired me with their examples of being self-employed artists. In the 1990s, artists could actually earn a living in the area where I live, which is not really the case now. It was often feast or famine and involved hard work, but the independence and ability to earn a living from creating art was well worth the struggle and sacrifice. I currently write and publish fantasy novels—I have done this since 2010. I have also done some independent contractor work as an office assistant to supplement my book sale income. Right now, I have two part-time jobs (W-2s from both) aside from my writing, one at a domestic violence shelter/crisis line and the other as an office assistant at a privately owned therapeutic program. Neither of these jobs provide healthcare benefits, and I prefer it that way.”