My daughter is a softball player at a Division 1 school. Since she was 4 years old, she tossed, swung a bat/hockey stick, and competed in athletics. She played hockey prior to checking or until puberty with the boys. She was then undersized, underweight, and lower in muscle development compared to the males. We, as her parents, valued her brain and moved her to an all female team. She still ran practice with the “guys” teams, but games were a fiercer competition. [My daughter] played baseball with the guys as well and when she reached high school the different field size and male arm strength she played competitively then, softball. She still practice pitches for her younger brothers (early teenage 12-14 year olds) batting practice. Once [her brothers] hit high school sports–let alone college–they move on to machines and men to get the velocity for overhand pitching reps. I teach biology and chemistry at the high school level. The science of anatomy and chemistry of hormones in puberty and adolescent development is documented. Stand up for FEMALE athletes and don’t ruin all the outcomes for FEMALES on women’s sports!