I have been a female athlete since I was three years old. I gave my life to tennis at the young age of seven. I spent 25+ hours on court per week since I was seven, giving up a social life and other activities to put my all into tennis.

It all eventually led to me being offered a Power 5 D1 tennis scholarship. I am so thankful for tennis and the sport that has given me so much. Tennis is a massive sport all around the world. A large percentage of student tennis athletes are international as well, so tennis players are competing against the very best women from all around the world for these scholarships.

I am afraid that one day, the same scholarships that are giving so many young women an opportunity to play at the next level will be taken by biological men. The level of tennis that a biological male can play at does not even compare to that of a female. The best women’s tennis player in the world, Serena Williams, would lose a match to a non-ranked D1 male tennis player. The level just does not compare. I hope that this never happens but I’ve seen it in other sports already.

One of the biggest opportunities Title IX has created for female college athletes is the equal number of scholarships. Now, biological men will be infringing on those scholarships that are for female athletes. I pray that women’s sports is saved from this and that young girls have a fair opportunity to not only get scholarships, but win championships against a level playing field.