I am a retired teacher. I was a public school teacher for many years. Then I had my own children and elected to homeschool them before putting them in private school for junior high and high school. We kept paying our taxes for public education while our children were in private school. We choose private school because we wanted a school that aligned with our religious beliefs. I was active as a parent in supporting the faculty. We should not have to pay for public education if we choose not to send our kids to a public institution. I believe parents should have a choice where their children are to attend school. I know some parents will continue to homeschool because of the agenda being pushed in the public schools. They are not just teaching the basics right now. My neighbor who is a retired teacher like myself and has a five-year-old grandson says they are requiring work from her grandson not based on his learning ability. Children have different learning styles and paces of learning. I have a two-year-old grandson and I know I will be active in his education.