My daughter has been playing lacrosse for 7 years, and easily puts in 3-5 hours a day of practicing 7 days a week if not more. She has her heart set on playing Division 1, and she is good enough to make that dream a reality. She recently tore her ACL, and had to stand on the sidelines this Summer cheering on her team. As if her ACL tear wasn’t enough to bring her spirits down, we were shocked and saddened to see a biological male teenager playing on a Texas team at a lacrosse tournament in CO this summer. This particular player was bigger and stronger than any of the girls on the field. I felt a punch in my gut as my petite daughter stood on the sidelines on her crutches while a biological male was out there playing, and could potentially take her scholarship for college. Suddenly, between her knee injury and having to compete against biological males, I felt her dreams almost fall out of sight. I am furious for her and for every single female athlete who dreams of playing sports with other female athletes from a young age through college and beyond. I have spent my entire life making sure women are treated equally to men. Now, the politicians have decided that women are not important. I am disgusted on many levels.