I’m a former competitive swimmer and I have a lot to share!

My mom fought hard in the early ’70s when she was the first class of female athletes under Title IX to have any rights. They would have to practice in a gym with no air conditioning and [were] ridiculed, called “female jocks”. She fought hard and obtained a scholarship to play basketball in college.

My dad advocated for women’s sports his entire life, coaching track at the University of Louisville. I relate to you [Riley Gaines] mostly in my swimming career. I was a superstar swimmer until age 15, after undergoing puberty where my body changed completely.

A biological male has no business competing with you [Riley] and I, my sister. It’s so disgusting how you were attacked. I’m sorry. Thank you for advocating for women’s sports. You are my hero! You are so brave to stand up to this crap.