My granddaughter is a freshman in high school. This year she became a member of the track team and the discus/shot put team. My wife and I attended a meet to watch her compete.

At the ring where they were throwing, I noticed a young man helping with the measuring. I assumed he was a male helping out but that wasn’t the case. He was completing against the biological females and placed in the top 3 distances. Females in this sport are usually bigger than most girls and it seemed the thinner-framed girls are high-jumpers and runners. But this biological male had shoulders broader than some of the males that competed in the boys portion. I did all I could do not to say something, while everyone just stood there.

I thank God that my granddaughter has the drive to want to keep competing against a male. Science and the good Lord made us this way. It isn’t right. If they [transgender-identified athletes] want to be different, then they should have their own league. I haven’t seem females undergoing social/surgical transition to men and competing against the boys. The reason why is obvious.