My first year in high school–that would have been 1977–I wanted to be on the cross country team. There was no girls team, so I had to run with the boys, at practice and in meets. The following year, we were able to form a girls’ team and I think we had 3 or 4 girls join. I watched the team grow from there and felt like I had been a part of bringing that about.

I also worked in a job that was very male dominated, I was in fact the only female field engineer in my area at the time, and was successful in that despite experiencing sexual harassment. So, I felt like I always set an example for the girls and women following me to just keep at it; things will get better.

I raised a very strong and independent daughter. I just feel like the Biden administration is trying to erase me and all women who have fought and persevered through experiences like mine by allowing biological males to compete with biological females. It just makes no sense to me that we are supposed to celebrate males who identify as females, while biological females are just ignored. I am 100% behind protecting women’s sports and Title IX.