My daughter is a college swimmer. It is so upsetting to see this happening not just to swimmers but to all female athletes. There is no way to compete … fairly against a biological male. They are just bigger and stronger giving them an advantage. It is just as crushing mentally to our girls who have trained for years. My daughter started swimming when she was 8. She had ADHD and it was the one thing that made her feel good after a long day of feeling like a failure in school. It came to her easily and it calmed her. She is now a college swimmer and could be at risk of losing her position to a male swimmer. They train [their] whole lives for the chance to swim in college, NCAA and hopefully Olympics. The time and dedication involved over the years not to mention injuries, giving up vacations, social events, sleep to achieve a goal and then this? How can anyone not see that this is just immoral. Many of these girls have already suffered from the disruption from COVID now this? We need to protect them and girls sports and the integrity of college sports.