I am a parent and grandfather to two marvelous women. My daughter is a height-challenged volleyball setter. Her daughter is also small, but their hearts… I’m so proud of their participation.

My son, a wrestling coach, has fought for woman’s wrestling for over a decade. Women having their own wrestling programs has now come to fruition. That long struggle has shown the advantage the male wrestler has, at even pre-kindergarten ages.

Do young women sometimes win [against men in wrestling]? Absolutely. Is it a high percentage? Absolutely not. And now, we have individuals presenting as transgender who miraculously “do not have” that advantage.

There is no place in athletic competition for putting women of any age in harms way. If a woman wishes to compete against a male and all parties agree, so be it. You know what is going on. Not [boys and men] sneaking into competition, and then daring others to object to the overt unfairness.