I was a 6-foot-1, 192 lbs Division II college baseball player. I regularly bench-pressed four sets of ten reps at 220 lbs, and ran a 4.6 40-yd dash. I was far physically superior to the softball players in my college.

If I had decided that I felt like I was a female and played softball instead of baseball there is no doubt that I would have been the biggest and strongest person on that team. It would not have been fair. I don’t think people understand how physically superior in strength and speed an elite male college athlete is versus an elite female college athlete. It’s not even close.

Allowing a bunch of guys like me to play with women would destroy women’s sports.

Eventually, there would not be a single biological woman that would hold a record. This is not [transphobia]. This is just realism coming from someone who was at that level and understands the elite 2% of athletes in this world.