I am a third generation ΚΑΘ who is an older alumni. I have sons, so this is not going to affect me directly, but if I have grandchildren, I hope that they would decide to go through recruitment.

I pledged (intentional use of this word) when I was only 17 years old and I was incredibly naive. I simply cannot imagine how I would have dealt with an intact male identifying as a female living in the house. Sharing restroom areas and shower areas in an intimate setting would probably have caused me to leave Theta.

I am aware of the fact that ΚΑΘ has members who identify as transgender, which is why I have stopped giving any money to National and support only my college chapter. I am also involved in my Alumni Group on the House Corporation (which is a new endeavor). I truly believe that the sorority system is on a precipice which will lead to its collapse as it has traditionally existed; especially if changes to established rituals and traditional values continue to erode.