Two years ago, I switched my insurance to an HMO because I got tired of unexpected bills. For one visit, I kept receiving multiple bills from the doctor, then the hospital where doctors office is located, then from the hospital’s lab.

No one ever was able to explain what I am paying for, so I got fed up. I still have unpaid bills that no one is able to explain.

During my most recent experience with an in-network doctor, I received a letter from specialist to my primary care doctor. For some reason, it came to me and the letter was listing tests that were never performed on me by this specialist. I contacted the office and then received a call next morning [from the] doctor.

After a bit of an argument, said he would correct it. In this conversation, several other tests–including ultrasound–were mentioned as performed on me at a previous visit. These tests were never performed. The doctor did not touch me once on any of these visits! I gave them some time to correct and requested my full record. A few weeks later, still no response.

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