We worked so hard to get Title lX passed. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to participate in women’s sports in high school. I was only allowed to compete through junior high (then 8th grade). Through the hard work of many people, especially women athletes, my daughter was able to participate in women’s sports all through high school. It was wonderful for her, as she learned many things, other than just athletic skills. She has coached her favorite sport, volleyball, for many years, and her daughters are extremely excited about beginning to play, although volleyball is only one of their choices. Allowing biological men, no matter what they are called, to compete against biological women is blatantly unfair and discriminatory. It is a scientific fact that males have larger and more muscles, and greater height, on average. At this time, many young biological women have lost opportunities then have spent many years preparing to do. Biological males, although they are called “transgender” should compete against other biological males only. I would feel confident in saying they are not able to successfully do so, and, therefore, resort to victimize biological females in order to “win.” This is wrong, and should never have been permitted. It needs to STOP NOW.