Over the past few years, I have been involved with the local high schools and junior highs. What stands out is as the students advance through the public school system the number of enrollees decreases. The reason is parents take the students out of the public schools and send them to charter, private, or home school for a good education. The money definitely needs to follow the student. Our public school system is no longer understands its mission of education. It has become an indoctrination program. Unless parents can use the other options for education, this indoctrination program wins. This is about as “racist and classist” as it gets as the wealthy elite can and do opt-out of the public school system. Something middle- and low-income families cannot do. If the money follows the child, they can be put on the same playing field as the elite. Allowing the money to follow the student increases competition for the students and thus is a leverage for changing the public system. It is right up there with term limits as a means to bring our country back to one of opportunities for all.